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Fashion for women over 60 - The value of scarves & accessories for ladies of a certain age

Ladies of a certain age - Here are some tips to look fabulous without trying to look young

Let’s talk about fashion for women over 60. One of the biggest myths about older women is that we are no longer interested in looking stylish. There is a big misconception in our culture that women over 60 are invisible, frumpy, and uninterested in sensuality and beauty – that we’re all matronly and sexless and no longer part of the world of fashion, art and creative life force.

Talking from experience this is seriously not true.

60 is the new 50 and we still have a lot of living to do, and without the anxiety of Children, work and usually have fewer expenses, we have the time to embrace life.

Here are a few basics to remember:

  1. Start by clearing out your ... 
  2. Overhaul your ... 
  3. Always have a pair of slim trousers. ... 
  4. Mix and match. ... 
  5. Choose good basics

Then layer with accessories that you love ie: scarves, necklace, fashion-earrings

  1. and be a little bolder with these.
  2. Shoes should be stylish and not too high.

Take a leaf from a few Celebs they have style gurus, might as well use this guidance for Free


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